Getting your entire team to learn a new platform can be a daunting task. How do you take your programmers to the next level without delaying project schedules and exploding the budget out of the water? You need a rugged breed of guides who know the terrain and can arm your team with the right tools for success.


Our Instructors

Our instructors are also full-time developers and designers. They hone their skills on major projects every day. They'll be happy to bring their expertise to your office, wherever you happen to be. We recommend to train up to 15 of your employees at the same time, with proven yet flexible courses to meet your immediate needs. In fact, to make the most of our limited time together, we'll work with you to identify the topics that matter the most to your business.

We provide the instructor, course materials and certificates of completion. You supply the classroom set-up, computers for all students, a projector and a screen. Then, stand back and watch the magic happen.

Our proven training methods have attracted some of the biggest names in the Silicon Valley. Now it’s our turn to show you why we are the number one choice when it comes to Corporate Training in Mobile and Cloud computing.

Android Training - 3 days

This Android training program is designed for the tech-forward companies, who want their employees to gain knowledge on Android app development and apply it to day to day projects. The course is slightly fast paced and the basic knowledge of programming is expected from the participants. Knowledge of object oriented programming and concepts of UI design will be added advantage.

We believe that every organization is different from the other and we recognize the fact that their training needs may also differ. Keeping this in mind, we offer customization of the training program according to the specific to your needs.

iOS Training - 3 to 5 days

Throughout the iOS bootcamp each developer will have to complete a ton of hands-on programming exercises based on real world apps. In other words, each developer learns about iOS by developing native, and adaptive iOS apps in Swift. This is not a classroom lecture, it's an intense bootcamp. Developers will build their first app on Day One. After 5 days they will have done more work than what they would have done on a regular semester in college. Developers work through exercises, and challenges, and when they get stuck a Senior iOS developer will be right there to help them get back on track. Our hope is that their code breaks as many times as possible so they get exposed to a real-world experience.

Customized Trainings

We at Simbiosys understand that every organization has specific training requirements and for that reason, our curriculums are completely customizable. Whether you are looking for a basic or advanced level program or want to include specific OS versions or Frameworks, we will accomodate you. We can draw up customized programs ranging from 3 days to a week or several weeks, if requested.

Training Methodology

Our years of experience in training both individuals and corporations have helped us in evolving the perfect training methodology. Consequently, our trainings have greater emphasis on the "hands on approach" rather than theoritical. Every concept taught in class is practiced by each participant, in the form of a practice app, which is usually specific to that organization's environment. This greatly helps in strengthening the learning process. We try our trainings to be "collaborative learning" sessions, where everybody is encouraged to participate and contribute. Assignments are given each day and are expected to be completed before the start of next day.

Post Training Support

Simbiosys provides post training support to each participant of the program upto a period of 90 days from the date of conclusion of the program. Our trainer (s) are available to answer any question or clarification the participants may have, online or through email / phone. We are very keen that this program be highly beneficial to your employees and provide every support required to achieve that.

Certificates and Testing

Simbiosys will issue certificates of completion of program to each participation, if requested. We can also carry out a test of completion of program to monitor performance from the training. Each participant is allowed to repeat the test within 90 days of conclusion of training, if required.